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      The Los Santos Fire Department is dedicated to saving lives, fighting fires, safety and prevention, and building communities.

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      The Los Santos Fire Department encourages you to be prepared in the event of a brush fire. Read more information about how you can keep yourself and the people around you safe. For those of you living near the current incidents, be vigilant and start preparing today!

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      The canyons of Los Santos are always a challenge in terms of fire safety. In addition to obvious brushy hillsides, there are multiple types of fire hazards that exist because of ornamental vegetation. The Los Santos Fire Department works year-round to ensure those with this type of shrubbery obey the Fire Code relative to clearance and care.

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      Catastrophic brush fires are occurring at an increasing rate not only in San Andreas but across the country. Hillside communities within Los Santos are under continuous threat of a devastating wildfire. As this risk increases, it is important you protect yourself and your family by planning, preparing and staying aware.

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      The LSFD is one of the best firefighting agencies in the world and has long set a standard of excellence for training and performance. The LSFD is a full-spectrum life safety agency protecting approximately 4 million people who live, work and play in America's second largest City.

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